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I Hate Commuting to the City album cover

I Hate Commuting To The City

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The Second Crusade

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Cover Me I'm Going In album cover

Cover Me I'm Going In!

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The Zin The Zang The Yin and the Yang album cover

Zin Zang Yin Yang

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HJRR has started a new series on YouTube for your enjoyment called: IN.THE.NEWS.

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In.The.News. with Holy Joe Rock and Roll (HJRR) give you in depth news reports from all over the world.

HJRR takes you LIVE, on the scene and in the moment with real-time reporting on important news events.


New Word For all to use: Invented by Holy Joe Rock and Roll, BROGOSITY. Pronounced Bro-Gos-Ity.

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Welcome everyone to the "Holy Joe Rock and Roll" official web site.

From this launching point we hope to provide you with all the exciting news, videos and extras regarding Holy Joe Rock and Roll!

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