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I Hate Commuting To The City


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The Second Crusade


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Cover Me I'm Going In!


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Zin Zang Yin Yang


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2013 Predictions E-mail

2013 Another Year of CRISIS?

Holy Joe Rock and Roll does a quick review of the 2012 CRISIS YEAR and predicts the future in 2013!

Will there be more panic and crisis ahead or will 2013 be the beginning of something better?

Move over Nostradamus, it's HOLY JOE ROCK AND ROLL (HJRR) time!

Video below answers all your questions:

Financial Clift FEARS E-mail

Why Fear the FInancial CLIFT?

The "Bush Tax Cuts" were meant to be a 10-year temporary tax cut.

They were proposed by the Bush (43) administration when the US federal government experienced a surplus.

President Bush promoted the cuts with the phrase, "The country's running a surplus, its your money, you deserve a refund!"

Well 12 years later and 12 budget deficits later, why are we debating the end of the BUSH TAX CUTS?

The federal budget surpluses are gone and the 10 years for the TEMPORARY tax cuts is long passed.

When the facts on the ground change, shouldn't we change our minds and policies?

If music calms the savage beast, here is something to calm any American; "TOO CLOSE TO THE EDGE" by Holy Joe Rock and Roll

(Hosted by reverbnation.com)


Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Holy Joe Rock and Roll


#RiseAbove #FinancialClift @HolyJoeRock

Krakow Ghosts E-mail

Holy Joe Rock and Roll (HJRR) reports on Ghosts in Krakow. Many people believe that ghosts are the trapped spirits of people who died with "unfinished business" on Earth. HJRR explores the possibility that ghosts are the creation of one's imagination. Considering that some 3-million Catholic Poles and 3-million Jewish Poles were killed by the Nazi death-machine during WWII there must be a lot of ghosts in Poland.

Krakow Ghosts

Click the image above to watch the full video!

Obama's Fake Documents E-mail


OBAMA Birth Certificate and Selective Service Documents FAKE!

In a press conference, Sheriff Arpaio and his "Cold Case Posse" released strong evidence that President Barak Obama's birth certificate and selective service registration reciept were fake or at least altered. The Cold Posse was blocked from gaining access to birth records at the Hawaii hospital where Obama is claimed to have been born.  In his recent video, Holy Joe Rock and Roll provides the following strategy for proving where BHO was really born.


Watch the video below: http://youtu.be/jWStPSAr4kQ


Music in the Planty E-mail

On June 17th, 2012 the Planty was full of music as 10 different musical and choir groups performed at 10 different locations.

Click the image below to watch a sample of Music in the Planty (Muzyczne Planty) 2012.

Music Planty 2012



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