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I Hate Commuting to the City album cover

I Hate Commuting To The City


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The Second Crusade


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Cover Me I'm Going In!


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Zin Zang Yin Yang


Current events
Rodney King Dead at Age 47 E-mail

Rodney King, age 47, found dead at the bottom of a pool. Watch HJRR's live report Here

Rodney King Dead at Age 47

Curse of the Kennedys? E-mail

HJRR presents an updated view of the CURSE OF THE KENNEDYS - This link will take you there.

Kennedy Curse?

Wife reported to have died by hanging herself. WHY would she do that? Is this proof of a CURSE on the Kennedy family?

Kennedy Wife Hangs Herself

Further Proof that MONEY can not buy you LOVE or HAPPINESS!

Tragic Story and Get HJRR's opinion by clicking here :CURSE OF THE KENNEDYS


Is 2011 "The Year of HJRR"? E-mail
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With 4 albums slated for release before the end of the year, 2010-2011 is being called "THE YEAR of HOLY JOE ROCK AND ROLL".  HolyJoe's 1st Album, "I Hate Commuting To The City" has already been released by Bonsai Entertainment and is available on iTunes and 35 other electronic music distributors.  You can even purchase a physical CD from the HolyJoe Rock and Roll STORE.


I Hate Commuting To The City Released E-mail

HOLYJOE Rock and Roll is proud to announce the release of his Debut Album "I Hate Commuting To The City".

This recording is NOW available for electronic download from iTunes and 35 other online music distributors.


Welcome To HJRR.ORG E-mail

Welcome everyone to the "Holy Joe Rock and Roll" official web site.

From this launching point we hope to provide you with all the exciting news, videos and extras regarding Holy Joe Rock and Roll!

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