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I Hate Commuting to the City album cover

I Hate Commuting To The City


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The Second Crusade


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Cover Me I'm Going In!


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Zin Zang Yin Yang


Current events
Krakow@Night E-mail

KRAKOW@Night with Holy Joe Rock and Roll stars in a New Series presenting different aspects of "Night Life" in Krakow's Old Town area.

PLAYLIST Will let you view all the episodes in this series.

Enjoy and watch and learn.

NewOldHouse Home Improvement DIY series staring HJRR E-mail

Holy Joe Rock and Roll (HJRR) stars in a new Home Improvement Series called "NewOldHouse".

The series is available to the public at no charge from this playlist:

Topics covered in the 2013 Series include:
1) Painting Tips
2) How to patch holes in walls
3) How to finish hardwood floors
4) Sand or not to sand new Hardwood floors
5) Review of new Garage Door technologies

Watch these short videos and have fun.
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Sandyhook Shooting E-mail
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SANDYHOOK Shooting and the Aftermath

Are there too many CRAZY PEOPLE in the USA?

Could any gun control law currently proposed have stopped any of the past mass shootings?


HJRR reports Live and unScripted!

#HJRR #Holyjoerockandroll #sandyhook #shooting

7 Week Old Baby Speaks E-mail

Baby Speaks at 7 Weeks
Holy Joe Rock and Roll (HJRR) reports on a 7 week old speaking.
Is it superior genetics? Better teaching techniques? Nature vs. Nurture?

GOLD Collapses 2013 E-mail

GOLD COLLAPSES - 15 April 2013

HOLY JOE ROCK AND ROLL reports on the massive crash in the price of Gold.

Discusses if Gold is a good investment and if silver would be better than gold.

What other alternatives does the investor have?


#HJRR #HolyJoeRockAndRoll #Gold

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